Welcome To Schermerhorn Bros. Co.

Schermerhorn Bros. Co. is a nationwide master distributor of premium quality packaging products. We supply industry and agriculture with the world's finest plastic bags, plastic sheeting, rubber bands, rope, twine, thread, strapping, wire, and rain gear. We believe that treating clients, employees, and suppliers with care, respect, and professionalism is the only way to do business.

Schermerhorn Bros. Co. partners with clients to improve their business. We provide innovative distribution programs that save them time, save them money, and make their jobs easier. We combine premium quality products with world-class service and exceptional pricing to create the ultimate in value.

We deliver confidence: confidence in our products, confidence in our people, confidence in our advice, and confidence in the integrity that comes with 122 years of keeping promises.

  • "We have not found another company that can match their combination of quality, price, responsiveness,
    selection, and knowledge. The service and products are what I expect from my vendors. I fully recommend
    Schermerhorn Bros. Co. to any potential customer."
    USA Today
  • “The agriculture business is time sensitive and SBCO understands that. They always have our orders delivered
    on time. I highly recommend them as a vendor for your business”.

    Calpine Container Co.
  • “For 15 years, SBCO has been a reliable supplier with a great product”.

    Drainage Industries
  • “When our customer requires immediate delivery and fair value, SBCO never fails to deliver.”

    Hebberd – Kulow
  • “SBCO knows how to put the customer first at all times.”

    Star Furniture
  • “It has always been a positive experience. SBCO products are premium quality, with great prices topped by
    excellent performance.”

    TEC Packaging & Supplies
  • “SBCO is always there when we need them and offer up-to-date solutions as our needs evolve. I recommend
    giving Schermerhorn Bros. Co. an opportunity to save you money on your packaging needs.”

    Frontera Produce
  • “Dealing with SBCO is a pleasure, rather than the usual high stress tactics. Thank you for making my job easier”.

    Intercon Solutions
  • “The quality of the products has proven to be very high. The service is first class and the supplies are always
    on time. We value our relationship with Schermerhorn Bros. Co very highly.”

    Mugu Farms
  • “We have very high confidence in the quality of the products and service we receive from Schermerhorn Bros. Co.
    We have lowered our packaging costs as a result if the products they have introduced.”

    Sunfresh USA
  • “SBCO service is top-notch!”

    FC Recycling


Quality - Your satisfaction starts with premium quality. Every product we sell is the very best available. If there is a better product to suit your needs, we'll recommend it to you even if we don't sell it.

Integrity - Our reputation is built on over 120 years of treating people right. Ask your SBCO representative for testimonial letters from our happy clients. We love to show them off!

Service - Five warehouses nationwide means we can get you the products you need quickly and economically. We feature same day shipping on all stock items, including 250 tons of rope & twine, 200 tons of wire products, 150 tons of rubber bands, and 120 million poly bags!

Value - You GET more, but you don't PAY more. Compare our prices with those of suppliers who offer SO much less. Try us just once, and you'll never go back!

Experience - We have been serving happy clients since 1893. Our staff averages more than 17 years experience with SBCO. We KNOW what we're doing, and we are ready to go to work for you!

Stability - We proudly celebrated our 120th anniversary in 2013. We have been in this business a long time, and we will be there whenever you need us.

Convenience - You can always reach us on our toll-free phone number, or you can contact us through fax and e-mail. Best of all, you will NEVER hear a recorded menu during business hours.

Flexibility - If we don't already have what you need, we can find it for you. With our worldwide network of friends and partners, we can help you with even your most special or unusual requirements.

Confidence - When you buy from SBCO, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Happy clients are our most precious resource, and we will make sure that you are happy with your purchase every step of the way.




Schermerhorn Bros. Co. salutes Terry Pastian, winner of the 2016-2017 Charles E. Scott Award for Sales Excellence. Each year The Scott Award recognizes the very best in Sales and Customer Service. It is the highest honor an SBCO Sales Representative can receive.

Terry works out of our Los Angeles Office and serves loyal clients throughout California, Arizona, Hawaii, and Mexico. We’ve been proud to have Terry serving SBCO clients since 1997, and he is now a 5-time Scott Award winner.

Congratulations, Terry, and thanks from everyone at Schermerhorn Bros. Co. We appreciate the way you take such great care of our clients!